To set up an effective online presence it is essential that your organization maintains a consistent and instantly recognizable brand across all platforms. Umoja Design Company can help with this in many ways:

  • Logo design: Your company logo is the center of your brand. It is important not only to develop a professional modern looking logo but one that is unique, that grabs people‚Äôs attention and that people will remember.
  • Style guides: A style guide is a set of writing and design standards which you can use not only across your website but for social media, print media (such as brochures and business cards) and in your general day to day operations.
  • Communication Vehicles: We can develop a range of assets to allow you to promote your brand. This could include print media such as business cards, vertical banners, brochures or digital media assets such as email templates, Facebook banners.

Most organizations that we work with have varying branding needs. Get in touch today and see what we can do for you:

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